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Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country - Super Nintendo - Console Nintendo
General Information
From the same family
General Information
Name of the game (internal ScreenScraper)
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Donkey Kong Country
Game Name (by Region)
Countries Information Proposed by
   Japon Super Donkey Kong
Continent Américain
   USA Donkey Kong Country
Europe Donkey Kong Country
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Number of Player(s)
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JV:+3 ans
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Plateform / Run Jump
Release date(s)
Countries Information Proposed by
France 24/11/1994
USA 25/11/1994
Japon 26/11/1994
Europe 24/11/1994
Additional information
Play Mode (s)
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Multi en coopératif
Multi en local
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Donkey Kong
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Allemand König K. Rool hat Donkey Kongs Bananenvorrat gestohlen und jetzt braucht er deine Hilfe, um sie zurückzuholen!

Auf der Suche nach seinen Bananen stellen sich Donkey Kong die Kremlings, König K. Rools Gefolgsleute, in den Weg. Zum Glück begleitet Donkey Kongs bester Freund, Diddy Kong ihn auf seiner Reise um die ganze Donkey Kong Insel, denn die Bananen werden von bösen Bossen bewacht!
Anglais King K. Rool has stolen Donkey Kong's banana stash, and Donkey Kong needs your help to get them back. In search of K. Rool, the Kremling horde impedes your progress. Kremlings, crocodile-like creatures, include Kritters (they succumb to a simple jump on the head), Krushas (they are virtually indestructible), and others. There are also other enemies that block your path, such as beavers, snakes, vultures. Leading them are dastardly bosses, including Very Gnawty, Necky, Bumble B, and Dumb Drum, and they all bar the way with their own special blend of villainy.

Donkey Kong is joined by Diddy Kong: these two primates differ significantly. For example, Donkey Kong is generally stronger; he can destroy most enemies with a single jump and can lift barrels straight over his head to throw them farther. On the other hand, Diddy is faster and not as strong as Donkey; he can run really fast and do cartwheels. Diddy carries barrels in front of him, creating a shield against frontal attacks.

The game is split into different worlds, which are split into different levels. Each level contains bonus areas, where one can collect bananas, medallions, and lives. At the end of each world is a boss, which is usually a larger version of a minor enemy.
Espagnol ¡Locura y caos en este 3-D Gorilla Thriller!nnnn¡Donkey Kong regresa con un nuevo compañero, Diddy Kong, en una loca aventura en la isla! Desafiados por la enloquecida tribu de Kremlings reptiles, se esfuerzan por recuperar su horda de plátanos robada. Armados con movimientos rápidos como relámpagos, musculados pechos y impresionantes acrobacias aéreas, nuestro dúo está listo para enfrentar a sus astutos adversarios. ¡Con la ayuda de la extravagante familia de Donkey Kong y sus monturas de animales salvajes, se pelean y se abren camino a través del interminable caos de los monos!
Français Dans Donkey Kong Country sur Super Nintendo, vous incarnez le célèbre gorille de Nintendo. Le King K. Rool a volé les bananes de Donkey qui décide alors de partir à sa recherche pour les récupérer. Deux personnages sont jouables, Donkey est plus grand et plus fort, alors que Diddy est plus rapide. Il est possible de jouer à deux, soit chacun son tour, soit en équipe. Des animaux vous aideront à franchir certains niveaux et à vaincre les Kremlings.
Portugais Donkey Kong, ao lado de seu sobrinho e companheiro inseparável Diddy Kong, devem recuperar as bananas roubadas por King K. Rool e seus capangas, os Kremlings. Após verificar o vazio esconderijo de bananas, localizado logo abaixo de sua casa, Donkey Kong embarca em uma aventura em sua terra nativa, a Ilha Donkey Kong. Enquanto coleta as bananas nas diferentes regiões da ilha, Donkey Kong deve derrotar vários inimigos, incluindo os repteis Kremlings, além de outras perigosas criaturas nativas da ilha.
General Information
From the same family
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