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Takahashi Meijin No Bugutte Honey
Takahashi Meijin No Bugutte Honey - NES - Console Nintendo
General Information
General Information
Name of the game (internal ScreenScraper)
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Takahashi Meijin No Bugutte Honey
Game Name (by Region)
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   Japon Takahashi Meijin no Bugutte Honey
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Release date(s)
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Japon 05/06/1987
Additional information
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Anglais Based upon an anime of the same name, which features a cast of characters that includes Takahashi Meijin, the main character and hero of the Adventure Island series, as well as redesign of the honeygirl fairy known as Bug-tte Honey (pronounced Bugute). In the anime, Takahashi and Honey get into various adventures along with three ordinary school children from Earth.
While the game draws inspiration from the anime (which itself drew inspiration from Adventure Island) the game does not necessarily follow any of the episodes of the show. Instead, the game consists of four stages. In the first stage, you control Bug-tte Honey, who has the ability to fly about the screen. At the end of the first stage, Honey rescues Takahashi by smashing the cage he is being held captive in. From that point forward, the player controls Takahashi (Called Master Higgins in the US/EU version)
Espagnol Basado en el anime del mismo nombre, con un elenco de personajes que incluyen a Takahashi Meijin (el personaje principal y héroe de la serie Adventure Island) y a una nueva chica conocida como Bug-tte Honey (se pronuncia Bugute). En el anime, Takahashi y Honey se involucran en varias aventuras con tres chicos de un colegio de la Tierra. A pesar de que el juego se basa en el anime (y el anime se basa de los juegos de Adventure Island) no representa ningún episodio del show en específico. En cambio el juego consiste de cuatro etapas. En la primera etapa controlas a Bug-tte Honey, que tiene la habilidad de volar por la pantalla. Al final de la primera etapa, Honey rescata a Takahashi rompiendo la jaula en la que se encontraba prisionero. Desde este punto en adelante el jugador controla a Takahashi (llamado Master Higgins en la versión europea y americana)
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Tips & Tricks
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