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3d Construction Kit
3d Construction Kit - Amiga - Ordinateur
General Information
General Information
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3d Construction Kit
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Europe 3D Construction Kit
Monde 3D Construction Kit
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Incentive Software
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France 1991
Monde 1991
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Anglais 3D Construction Kit (US, Canada and Israel release title: Virtual Reality Studio[4]), also known as 3D Virtual Studio, is a utility for creating 3D worlds in Freescape. Developed by Incentive Software and published by Domark, it was released in 1991 on multiple platforms. The game originally retailed for £24.99 for the 8-bit version, and £49.99 for 16-bit version, in the United Kingdom. A sequel, 3D Construction Kit II, was released in 1992, but only available on Amiga, Atari ST or IBM PC (DOS).

Incentive Software had released games using the Freescape engine before, but with 3D Construction Kit, the company took the concept to a whole new level, giving users the ability to create their own worlds and games. In 3D Construction Kit, interaction with the world is usually limited to a cursor controlled with the keyboard, offering the possibility of interaction with nearby objects.

The kit has a very simple graphical user interface, allowing users to create and manipulate objects within the game's 3D environment. Primitives such as cubes, cuboids and pyramids can be easily created and edited to be scaled and placed on the 3D world. Colours can be selected for individual elements, making the free roaming worlds more varied and complex. The user-created virtual world is divided into areas, reducing the processing power required to render objects. The areas can be as large as the memory allows.

Animations may also be added to the primitives, either by looping or simple moving attributes to objects, to create simple, although seemingly advanced, animations.

In order to make games rather than worlds, 3D Construction Kit also allows for the addition of conditions, using the very simple-to-program Freescape Command Language (FCL). Sensors, animations and interactivity with the elements can be added with relative ease. Players are able to move around the virtual worlds by walking or flying. Elements such as proximity sensors triggering events, enemies making the player appear in another zone of the game when hit, and the ability to activate switches in order to open doors, make the worlds created with 3D Construction Kit come to life and add a level of uncertainty to the gameplay.

The interface of the game is customisable; by adding a 320x200, 16-colour IFF screen created with any image editing program, the games created with this tool could be made to look more professional.
Français 3D Construction Kit est un logiciel sorti sur Amiga. Ce soft vous propose de créer votre propre jeu en trois dimensions en utilisant sa base de données d'objets pré-créés ou en en créant vous-même.
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