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The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt - PC Windows - Ordinateur Microsoft
General Information
General Information
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The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt
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Monde Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt, The
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CD Projekt
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Role playing games
Action RPG
Release date(s)
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Monde 15/05/2015
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Jouable en solo
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The Witcher
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Anglais The witcher Geralt of Rivia once lived in the secluded mountain fortress Kaer Morhen, where he enjoyed a peaceful life with his beloved Yennefer and, together with his fellow witchers, trained a young girl named Ciri, the daughter of Emhyr var Emreis, Emperor of Nilfgaard. Following a prolonged memory loss and other turbulent events described in his previous adventures, Geralt eventually gets close to a reunion with Yennefer, whom he hasn't seen in a long time. Meanwhile, the Empire of Nilfgaard invades the Northern Kingdoms, and Geralt is contacted by the Emperor who asks him to find Ciri. In the midst of these events, a supernatural army known as the Wild Hunt appears in the region, threatening to obliterate everything in their path towards an unknown goal.

Wild Hunt is an action role-playing game, the third main installment in the Witcher series, and a sequel to Assassins of Kings. Most gameplay elements from the previous games have been carried over, including the usage of two sword types for different classes of enemies, usage of magic, a skill-based character growth, and an extensive alchemy system allowing Geralt to ingest mutagens for various benefits. Combat system has been slightly modified to allow smoother fighting against multiple opponents and usage of long-ranged weapons. Weapon and armor customization options have been noticeably increased. Like before, certain sections of the story are dictated by the player's moral choices, which are also present in the game's more prominent side quests.

The main difference between this entry and the preceding installments are physical interactivity and the inclusion of open world elements. Geralt can now jump, swim, dive, ride a horse, and travel by boat, making nearly every location in the game world accessible for exploration. While Geralt can not travel anywhere right away, each area he visits is significantly larger than before and contains many more optional locations. Geralt can use his witcher senses to track people and investigate mysterious occurrences. There is a night and day cycle, dynamic weather effects, as well as the possibility to craft one's own weapons and armor. During a few segments, Ciri becomes the playable character instead of Geralt.
Espagnol El brujo Geralt de Rivia vivió una vez en la aislada fortaleza de la montaña Kaer Morhen, donde disfrutó de una vida pacífica con su amada Yennefer y, junto con sus compañeros brujos, entrenó a una joven llamada Ciri, la hija de Emhyr var Emreis, emperador de Nilfgaard. . Después de una pérdida de memoria prolongada y otros eventos turbulentos descritos en sus aventuras anteriores, Geralt finalmente se acerca a una reunión con Yennefer, a quien no ha visto en mucho tiempo. Mientras tanto, el Imperio de Nilfgaard invade los Reinos del Norte, y el Emperador se pone en contacto con Geralt y le pide que busque a Ciri. En medio de estos eventos, un ejército sobrenatural conocido como Wild Hunt aparece en la región, amenazando con arrasar todo en su camino hacia un objetivo desconocido. Wild Hunt es un juego de rol de acción, la tercera entrega principal de la serie Witcher y una secuela de Assassins of Kings.
Français The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (en polonais : Wied?min 3: Dziki Gon) est un jeu vidéo en monde ouvert de type action-RPG développé par le studio polonais CD Projekt RED. Il fait suite narrativement à The Witcher, sorti en 2007, et The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, sorti en 2011. Il est ainsi le troisième jeu vidéo à prendre place dans l'univers littéraire de The Witcher, créé par l'écrivain polonais Andrzej Sapkowski, mais aussi le dernier à présenter les aventures de Geralt de Riv.

Le jeu suit les traces du sorceleur Geralt de Riv, un chasseur de monstres dont la fille adoptive Ciri est en danger et qui se lance à sa recherche dans un monde médiéval fantastique. Des références sont faites au contenu des livres écrits par Sapkowski, mais l'intrigue est nouvelle et propose une conclusion à la trilogie entamée avec le premier jeu, sorti en 2007. Comme les autres opus de la série, celui-ci se déroule dans un monde ouvert pour une narration à la troisième personne, et se concentre sur l'utilisation des talents de combat et de détective de Geralt pour mener à bien des contrats et explorer l'environnement dans une quête principale à plusieurs embranchements et une multitude de missions secondaires.

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